Jonathan Rodriguez






About Me

     I am a fourth-year student at the University of California: Merced preparing to graduate in Spring of 2017, with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I currently work as a research assistant for Professor Florin Rusu, partnered with graduate students to work on a scalable distributed framework for large scale data analytics.

     Java and C/C++ are my strongest languages but i do not shy away from projects with different or unfamiliar languages. I have always looked forward to projects that challenge my abilities and allow me to learn new skills.


Univesity of California: Merced
Graduated: May 2017

Bachelor's Degree: Computer Science and Engineering


UCM Mentor

UCM Mentor

     We wanted to create an application that would help students so we partnered with the Success Mentor Program for the Mobile App Challenge at UC Merced, and created UCM Mentor to help tackle issues the program was having. The Success Mentor Program is aimed for new students to help transition to life at UC Merced. First year students are paired with a mentor to help guide them. The app displays information about the Success Mentor Program, matches the mentees to their mentor, and allows for the exchange of contact information. A mock up of the app can be seen by clicking the image.

Key Frame Animation
Key Frame Animation

     The final project of the Computer Graphics course was to create animations using key frame motion. Object files of Legos were taken apart using Blender in order to achieve object heirarchy on the seperate limbs. Textures were applied to the objects as well as a plane with a lego texture to continue the theme.All limbs can be individually manipulated apart from the animations created: Walking, shooting, and a falling apart. Collision detection is used to make lego leia fall apart when shot.

High Altitude Weather Balloon

Theta Tau

     In a collaboration between Theta Tau and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, I worked with a team to write scripts for an Arduino Uno. Sensors for altitude, temperature, gps coordinates, and a few other things were atached to the payload of the weather balloon. I would assist in writing scripts to take information from the sensors and save them onto .csv files for interpretation once recovered.

More projects can be found on my Github.